We believe sustainability is no longer a choice it’s a necessity and we are responsible for considering the environmental, social and economic impact of the garments we create.

Our choice of recycled textiles and sustainable practice does not come at the cost of style or luxury. By contributing to the sustainable fashion movement we are directly reducing our global impact on the environment.

We believe it is our job to problem solve and continue to take steps towards sustainable practices. We realise there is always more to learn and ways to improve to become both more efficient and sustainable throughout our sourcing and supply chain, as well as on a daily basis at our Sydney headquarters and warehouse.

We are conscious of the environmental damage to our oceans created by plastic and chemical pollution. We have introduced environmentally sustainable alternatives within our supply chain, choosing to be consciously plastic free and 100% biodegradable and compostable, ensuring less waste is transferred into landfill.

Luxurious Recycled

Recycled Nylon

Our Exclusive Quick Dry swim fabric and our Body Sculpting lining are manufactured from nylon yarn made from recycled Post-Consumer Materials such as plastic bottles, fishing nets and carpet fibres.

At Monte & Lou, we are well known for our bespoke textile designs. Each unique design is created in-house to embody our brand ethos which is synonymous with sophisticated femininity. 

Our luxurious exclusive printed and plain fabrics are lightweight and engineered to provide a garment that not only feels beautiful against your skin, but is also quick to dry, which means no more sitting in a damp swimsuit.

All our garments are fully lined in our smooth to touch nylon elastane which sculpts the body and feels like silk. The combination of the two fabrications that are both lightweight and fast drying, along with a generous elastane content, gives each Monte & Lou swimsuit superior supportive qualities.

Supply Chain

All the fabrics used in our swimwear meet OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 - the highest certifiable standard for ensuring the responsible manufacture of our fabrics and the elimination or reduction of toxic chemicals used in their production to help protect our fragile environment.

We use digital printing methods for our swim fabric, we care about our water footprint and this process uses less water without the use of harmful dyes. Digital Textile Printing saved over 40 Billion litres of water worldwide in 2018.


We aim to champion reuse and recycle to work towards minimising our impact on the environment.

Each Monte & Lou piece comes in its own reusable zip-lock travel pack, instead of a single use plastic bag. Use it as a wet-pack for transporting your swimwear from the pool or beach, within your suitcase allowing you to enjoy a swim right up until your last day on holiday, keeping your mobile sand-free, or as a clear carry-all for in-flight essentials in your hand luggage.

We use 100% compostable and biodegradable packaging throughout our supply chain from leaving our factory to arriving at your doorstep. All our bags are made from natural plant-based materials such as cornstarch designed for minimal impact, meaning they break down quickly when placed in your compost bin. So, once you’ve received your package just put the bag in with your food scraps and garden waste, and before you know it, worms will be eating it for breakfast. 

Better for the environment, better for our oceans, a better tomorrow.

Environmental Impact of Production

We do not overproduce – we are conscious of the environmental cost of consuming fashion and we aim to make a difference. Our garments are designed with attention to every detail of craftmanship to ensure their longevity.

Our industry is at the early stages of circularity and we are committed to playing our part within this fast-evolving story. By purchasing swimwear made from recycled nylon fabric you are helping to clean oceans, clear land-fill and re-use nylon waste.