Beach Shirt Dresses & Rash Vests

    When deciding what to wear to the beach, it’s important to consider your skin as sun exposure can age it and increase risk for skin cancer. You can help protect your skin from sun exposure and scrapes or grazes with beach shirts and rash vests. A shirt dress can double as a cover-up as well as sun protection too. Monte & Lou’s collection allows you to feel comfortable and look great at the beach. You don’t need to sacrifice fashion to be sun safe. Rash vests also make it easy to be active in the water and play on the beach without worrying about a swimsuit wardrobe malfunction.

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    Shirt Dresses & Rash Vests at Monte & Lou

    Monte & Lou offer a range of shirts, shirtdresses, and rash vests that let you step out in confidence and style. If you’re active when you go to the beach such as playing volleyball or chasing after kids, these are the perfect clothes to throw on over your swimsuit. They’re lightweight and breathable, making sure you stay cool while giving you sun protection and coverage.

    Why you should wear a rash vest

    Rash vests are perfect for active beachgoers and water sport enthusiasts. They’re a great way to protect your skin from the sun – especially if you have a tendency to forget to reapply sunscreen regularly. They can also protect your skin from getting a rash due to salt water, sand, or surfing.

    Do rash vests keep you warm?

    Rash vests can help you stay warm, but that isn’t their designed purpose. They are best suited to help prevent rashes and add an extra layer of sun protection. So if you’re just looking for a little extra help staying warm and preserving body heat, then a rash vest will probably do the trick. But if you’re going to be swimming in cold water and want help staying warm, a full body wetsuit might be better for the job.

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    Our Summer 2020 collection is not one to be missed. Choose from a range of on-trend colours and prints to get yourself beach-ready and looking fabulous this summer. Whether you go wild for animal prints, or if florals are more your thing, there is something to suit you. Browse our clothing collection to find the perfect cover-up or summer beach outfit.