Sarongs for the Beach

    If summer clothes had awards, surely ‘most versatile’ would go to sarongs. The simplicity of being one long piece of cloth can be misleading as it can be wrapped a dozen different ways and secured with knots, tucks or buckles to create the perfect look. You can mix and match sarongs with your bikini top to create a chic and sexy beach look when tied at the hips. You can also turn the sarong into a flowy beach dresses or evening outfit when wrapped at the shoulders or chest. From a casual, relaxed cover-up to a luxe-looking outfit, you’re only limited by your imagination when it comes to wearing a sarong.

    Sarongs at Monte & Lou

    The adaptability of sarongs makes it a summer must-have. It can create a sexy, chic look or give a flowy, beach vibe all based on how you wear it. And you can change your mind mid-day! It’s easy to mix and match based on your mood, the weather, or the venue. At Monte & Lou, our sarongs come in one size. They flatter every body shape and size while adapting to your activity level.

    How to tie a Sarong

    There are dozens of different ways to tie a sarong based on the look you’re going for. We recommend searching online to get familiar with all the different styles you can create. For example, to create a classic skirt you’ll want to wrap the sarong around your waist and tie a knot in front of you. You can then twist it to one side to create a natural slit. If you want a shorter skirt, fold it diagonally in a triangle shape before wrapping it around your waist.

    What are Sarongs made of?

    Sarongs are one long piece of rectangle fabric that can be wrapped and tucked many different ways. You can secure the sarong with knots and buckles or by tucking it into itself. There are a variety of fabrics that can be used to make a sarong such as silk, cotton, chiffon, and charmeuse. Traditional sarongs are made out of batik fabric.

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