What Is Modest Swimwear?

Monte & Lou Modest Swimwear
Millions of women can’t be wrong when it comes to our collective passion for modest swimwear. After all, there’s a good reason the phrase ‘modest swimsuits was one of the most searched on Pinterest last year. 
Long gone are the old-fashioned connotations; old T-shirts and baggy Lycra. In their place comes a new era of beautifully designed, high-tech, chic modest swimwear options in luxurious fabrics. Today’s modest bathing suits help modern women feel confident and chic, no matter their age, body type, or personal style. 
Monte and Lou black V wire one piece
While some women prefer full-coverage swimwear for religious or cultural reasons, there are plenty of other reasons women of all ages, backgrounds, tastes, and sizes gravitate to this smart swimwear option. Aren’t water sports that much more fun when you’re not worried about spilling out of your skimpy swimsuit? Juggling the kids or a giant beach tote and takeaway coffee is that much easier, too, when you’re comfortable in a well-fitted modest swimsuit that doesn’t need constant pulling down – or up for that matter! Maybe you’re uncomfortable baring your thighs, bust, or tummy, or scared of burning in the summer sun, no matter how much SPF50+ you slather on. (Ooh, you’re smart.)
And for some, modest swimwear might mean swapping bold prints and bright colours for elegant, subdued hues such as navy, green and black.

Whatever your reason for wanting this style, the best kinds of modest swimwear are:

  • Expertly designed and constructed to fit you like a dream 
  • Made of top-quality fabric that’s soft, luxurious and holds its shape (and you in)
  • Feels comfortable and is both easy to wear, and easy to care for
  • Helps you feel confident, not self-conscious
  • Designed for women by women who understand why we love classic modest bathing suits
Whatever your reason for gravitating to modest swimwear online, it’s a personal preference that needn’t be at the expense of style or a sense of adventure. After all, isn’t feeling comfortable and happy a sure-fire way for us all to feel empowered?

7 of the best modest swimwear options for women

Monte and Lou DD/E one piece

OPTION 1: One piece swimsuits

Classic, elegant, easy-to-wear, and now the height of fashion, a well-designed one piece swimsuit – otherwise known as a maillot – is an ideal swimwear option for anyone who’d rather not flash midriff flesh. They’re also perfect if you’re chasing kids around a pool, love water sports, or plan to go from beach to brunch. Our modest swimsuits are constructed with hidden power mesh to help support and shape you in all the right places, so you feel confident peeling off your favourite sarong. 


Monte and Lou Singlet Tankin 

OPTION 2: A chic tankini top

Tankinis – sometimes called tank tops – are another fun but modest swimwear alternative to a skimpy bikini, as they offer two-piece convenience and comfort, but still cover your midsection. Better still, you have freedom to mix and match with the bottom of your choice, be it a bikini brief, high waist pant, swim short, or even swim dress with leggings. 


Monte and Lou High Waist Classic pant 

OPTION 3: Full cover bottoms

Gone are the days when the term bikini bottom meant skimpy. Some of today’s most stylish two piece swimsuit bottoms show so little skin you feel like you’re wearing a full coverage swimsuit. High waist swim bottoms are now big in the style stakes, with many women claiming they feel confident enough to wear a smaller bikini top if their tummy is covered. If a retro high waist is not your vibe, there are now plenty of classic bikini pant styles that have extra bottom coverage, too.


Monte and lou long sleeve surf suit

OPTION 4: A statement rash top

What’s the difference between a tankini and a rash top? Rashies tend to offer more sun protection and are more likely to be cap sleeve or long sleeve rather than halter neck or strappy, making them ideal for anyone self-conscious about baring their arms. No longer just the domain of smart surfers wanting to dodge board rash, they’re also great worn over modest swimsuits if you need extra bust support.



OPTION 5: A high neckline

Once upon a time, plunging necklines were the norm for sexy swimsuits. Not anymore! An ultra-high neckline – such as a collared, cross-neck or halter style – looks sleek and chic, and is also incredibly flattering because the silhouette lengthens the body and slims the arms. 

They’re also a godsend if you’re conscious of having a bigger bust or want some more support if doing water sports. Plus, they offer sun protection to the very sensitive skin on your décolletage.   


OPTION 6: Swim skirts and skorts

If you’re someone who feels comfortable once your thighs are hugged by fabric, then a swim skort or skirt might be the ideal modest bathing suit for you. They skim hips and make a perfect partner for modest swimwear tops. While we don’t have any in our Monte & Lou collection right now, we’re all ears if it’s something you’d love to see on offer. 


Monte and Lou Mini Sundress

OPTION 7: Over swim layers 

While it’s not technically modest swimwear, a beautiful over swim dress, palazzo pant, or sarong still belong on our modest swimwear for women hit list. Many of us feel confident in a swimsuit while horizontal on a sun lounger, but prefer more modest swimwear when strolling the shoreline, visiting the resort powder room, or even lining up for ice-cream. A beautiful cover-up is the perfect solution – better still if it's SPF-resistant, too. 


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