Ethical and Sustainable Swimwear

As the world has learnt to adapt and live with the current global pandemic, the founders of Monte & Lou discuss how they used their extra time since the March lockdown to fully implement recycled material into their swimwear collections. 

Frill Midi Dress in white

For Kay and Lynne, sustainability is more than a seasonal trend but has always been a core value of their brand. As Kay tells it, “We have always been mindful of our environmental impact and the ethics of our pieces from start to finish”.

Kay and Lynne’s passion for their craft and the importance of their impact on the world was made even more obvious after visiting their Sydney based warehouse. Monte & Lou are not just a company that say they are environmentally conscious but prove this to be true from the factory floor to the doorstep of their customers.

wild thing V wire one piece

The pieces of swimwear which are silky to the touch and with the style and bespoke patterns that are signature to Monte & Lou are now made with Recycled Nylon yarn and are Quick Dry fabric. Not only do they look fabulous and feminine without soaking through your clothes after a swim, they now offer customers luxury fashion which helps to clean the oceans.

plantation reversible tri and ML Separates

As people become more aware of the damage that fast fashion and even long-established brands are inflicting on the environment, we are now looking for brands that are trying to make a difference. At Monte & Lou it is clear to see that they make every piece with this in mind and are doing all they can to reduce their global footprint.

They stand out as a company due to their drive in every aspect of their business; from using digital printing in order to reduce water wastage through to making sure first-hand that the factories have good conditions with fair wages all the way up to the finished product being delivered in both a reusable plastic bag in biodegradable packaging.

brightest bloom frill bikini and one piece

 Monte & Lou have always used digital printing to create their beautifully intricate patterns, which in turn has saved the oceans from the harmful toxins and dyes that come from traditional screen printing. Kay and Lynne regularly visit supplier factories, as Lynne states, “We want to make sure that everyone is treated fairly and to really get to know them so we can build a great working relationship built on mutual trust and respect”.

Too often the fashion industry does not pay attention or care where their products are being made, something Monte & Lou have made sure is not the case. Even the packaging can be placed in the compost bin and the reusable plastic bag was made with the intention of being perfect to place wet swimwear in as not to stop you swimming until the last moment of your holiday.

monte and lou biodegradable packaging

Kay and Lynne do not want to be known just for what they create but for what they have done as a company and the personal importance of being ethical and mindful of the world around them.
Brightest Bloom elastic trim bikini
COVID-19 has changed the way in which people view things and have rethought what is most important in life, at Monte & Lou this was taking a step back in order to achieve their ambition of creating sustainable luxury swimwear that plays a part in cleaning the world’s over-polluted oceans and which any customer that understands the importance of ethical fashion would be proud to wear.