Invaluable Lessons From Our Mothers

In the lead up to Mother’s Day, we want to celebrate the mothers and influential women in our lives. We spoke to our favourite people about what important lessons their mum or an important woman in their life have taught them. For some fabulous pearls of wisdom and beautiful stories, keep scrolling.

Kathryn Eisman

"Easy now, hard later or hard now, easy later." This one sentence and the concept behind it has given me the strength to do the hard necessary things in life in order to set myself up for future happiness. Rather than postponing the challenging parts of life, it's helped me find the courage and fortitude knowing that it would be much easier later”. 

Catriona Rowntree

“My Mum has delivered some wonderful pearls of wisdom to me. All simple, from the heart, yet bang on...
Just before I got married, I had to change my whole life to be with my farmer husband, leaving sizzling Sydney for a new life on the land in Victoria. Mum said ‘I’ve got one piece of advice for you before you get married’ I waited eagerly, ‘Heated towel racks! I’ve heard Victoria freezes.’ I thought ‘really? That’s it?’ But sure enough, Victoria does freeze, there’s nothing worse than being cold and I love my heated towel rack more than words can express. Mum’s just always know.
‘A few weeks after giving birth, the wheels falling off, I could only speak to Mum and begged her to come and stay. As we passed each other in the hallway, Mum had arrived and walked straight to the laundry to help, I said through tears ‘Mum, I’ve got no idea what I’m doing.’ And Mum just smiled, folded the sheets and gently said ‘don’t worry darling, no one does!’. Well, just to know I was as mental as others, was the most comforting thing anyone could’ve said to me.
‘You can never cuddle your baby too much’ and ‘enjoy it darling, it won’t last forever.’ Just a couple more simple pearls that are so spot on, but so simple, that make you treasure the moment. Phew”.

Lisa Clark

“It can’t be easy raising another woman's daughter, but my stepmother Fay did it with style and grace. She taught me to work hard for my dreams, and always pushed me towards my goals no matter how crazy they seemed, and often at the disapproving glance of my dad. She taught me how to make a mean cheeseboard, to travel without qualms, and also showed me exactly what a female role model should look like. She was firm but fair, beautiful yet relaxed. And I’m so unbelievably blessed that she chose Dad and I to be her family”.

Caroline Høgh Groth

“My fondest memories of mum was being in the kitchen with her from a very young age.
She’s the reason why I have such a good foundation of cooking skills and techniques. Funnily enough, now Cooking & Health is such a big part of my life - personally & professionally.
I never realised until I was well into my adulthood, that the way my mum showed love was by cooking for her family. I realised, because I now do the same thing for the people I love”.

Yuan Lin

“Always be kind to others , no matter what your circumstance is. It costs nothing to be kind, but it will return a lot”.

Jessy Marshall

“A lesson from my mum is, be selfless. My mum (Linda) is a super positive and encouraging person especially when it comes to someone's goal. She would often hold back on achieving her own goals to ensure my sister and I achieved ours. Whether it was driving me to dance lessons 7 days a week or editing a uni assignment or even paying my rent to reduce the stress of starting a business... Mum has always been the selfless one and it's a lesson I have learned to appreciate as I have gotten older”.

Simone Marie

“I guess my mum has always taught me “your enough is always enough”. Basically saying that you do not have to go overboard when it comes to food and gifts, they will always love you regardless”.


Emma Lambert AKA Luxe Family Travel

"My mother lost her daughter as a toddler and having gone through such terrible grief, she always had a saying ... “Don’t worry until you need to worry”. What she meant by that was worrying leading up to a scary event or problem was wasted energy, wait until you see if whatever you’re concerned about actually occurs, often it turns out ok and you needed not have spent any time worrying beforehand.

This saying did help me keep a bit calmer when my own daughter had to undergo an 8 hour brain surgery last year. I was a wreck leading up to it and throughout but I kept remembering Mum’s positive saying and it helped to get me through her operation. If the worst happens, worry about it then, but before that, tell yourself positive things".

Nevena Tepic

"My greatest lesson from my mum was to live in the moment. Throughout my life, my mum has always shown me how to embrace the present moment. She never seems to dwell on the past or stress overly about the future. She is one of the few people I know who really knows how to live in the now! ‘Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, and today is a gift... that's why they call it present’ - Something she would always say to me and something I always think back to when I’m living too far in the future :)".


Alexandra Talifero

Always show up - especially when it’s hard
Do the right thing
Eat your vegetables first
Laugh often
Do at least one creative thing everyday
Read books, not magazines
Ask questions - you don’t always have to agree
Love honestly
Be kind to yourself

Mumma Wisdom From Our M&L Team

Kay, Creative Director + Co Founder

“My mum sadly passed away two years ago. She made her living as a children’s book illustrator and she always said to me, “you shouldn’t have to blow your own trumpet, your work should speak for itself“. She was very modest, disciplined and hard working and I’d like to think she instilled those qualities in me. I’ve said this to my kids and mum always said it to me “don’t run with scissors”, a good lesson as my Grandmother had a glass eye, you can guess the reason”!

Lynne, Managing Director + Co Founder

“Give and don’t expect anything in return” this lesson from my Grandma has stayed with me as she was the most giving person and really was always there for all her family and friends. I try to be as honest, kind and reliable as she was”.
A note from Lynne’s daughter Lana…
“Always have a spare pair of undies when you travel ✈️ I’m so lucky to have a mum who is my best friend 🥰”.

Trish, Fit Specialist @ David Jones Elizabeth St

“Look after your teeth and look after your feet, they need to last you a lifetime”.
“Buy cheap, buy twice”.

Melody, Patternmaker

“One saying that sticks with me that my mother often used to say when I was growing up was "if a job's worth doing, it’s worth doing well”. That lesson has served me well throughout life.
Some of the most important things my mother taught me was to be kind, help those who are less fortunate than you, our differences are what make us unique, never be ashamed of who you are or where you come from, be compassionate, listen to others and love this life we have”. 

Carolyn, Fit Specialist @ David Jones Pacific Fair

"There is no way to be a perfect mum, but a million ways to be a great one".

Rhonda, Warehouse Manager

“Take your makeup off before going to bed 🛏️ ALWAYS ❤️”.

Bianca, Marketing Manager

With the help of my older sister, we came up with some goodies…
“Every girl says they’ll never be like their mother but inevitably they are, the earlier we embrace it the better!”
“If you don’t want to go out somewhere, just tell your friends mum’s being a cow and says you can’t go! Simple yet effective. Probably the best advice I’ve gotten from mum and a sure fire way to end up eating Indian takeaway and watching a crime thriller together. Gooorgeous”.
“Sisters make the best minions which then turn into your personal board of advisors. Nurture them accordingly”.
What lessons and words of wisdom from mum have stuck with you? Comment below!
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