BTS Our Summer '20 Campaign Shoot

Sustainable Luxury Monte and Lou Summer 20 
In the peak of the Australian winter, the team at Monte & Lou ventured out to shoot our upcoming Summer ‘20 campaign… Off The Grid.
This campaign focuses on reconnecting with nature and ourselves. In a time of restriction and heightened anxiety, we imagine escaping the city, setting up camp, sitting back and enjoying the spoils of our natural home.
The campaign features the beautiful Casey James and Alexandra Talifero who are locals of Sydney.We chat to the girls about how they get #offthegrid, self care moments, their favourite swim and more. 
Alexandra Talifero in Monte and Lou asymmetrical one piece

Alexandra, Mosman

Name: Alexandra Talifero
Location: I live in Mosman, Sydney and my family is from Genoa, Northern Italy.

 What does “off the grid” mean to you?

I love anything where you can step away from your laptop or phone. Taking time for yourself to disconnect and not always be available to other people. Being available to being unavailable. Bush walks, the beach, you name it.

 Favourite self care moment?
I’m big on baths, I love baths. Pair that with a glass of rosé and a face mask! Rosé is my favourite or a red, I’m loving Pinot Noir at the moment because it’s not too heavy. I also love reading my book and putting on a bit of music. I’m a big science fiction adventure kinda girl so I'm currently reading a book based in a post-apocalyptic world that has zombies and other weird’s a total escape.
*Side note: Alexandra and I (me Bianca the social media manager) then spent a couple minutes fan-girling about World War Z and Brad Pitt 😂 Adventure and B. Pitt, what more can you want?!
How do you spend your weekends? 
On my days off, I usually start with a run with my dog, Bun AKA the big white wolf who is very energetic! I’m a homebody so I will chill out by myself or hang with girlfriends. If I do go out, I go to Fourth Village which has really great Italian. All the staff are Italian, super loud and give you kisses and cuddles. Just like home!

Alexandra Talifero in Monte and Lou

Where is your favourite place in Aus?

Driving wise, my best girlfriend lives in Hyams Beach so whenever she gets a day off work I go down! I actually was there yesterday, the day before this shoot!

If I was flying, I love Byron as it’s a great place to chill. You arrive, take 10 deep breaths and relax! I also love the snow during Winter. We’re trying to get tickets at the moment but it’s been super busy. I’ve been skiing since I was 4.

Alexandra Talifero in the snow

What do you look for in swimwear?
It changes, depending on the cut and how I feel at that current time. I like one pieces as they’re elegant and for colouring, I love prints and florals! I already have the Vintage Floral one piece from Monte & Lou which is gorgeous! It’s super supportive around the breasts and has the mesh panelling which is beautiful.

Alexandra Talifero in Monte and Lou Vintage Floral mesh one piece

What’s your favourite style/ print from the shoot?
I loved the Black Knot One Piece + the Plantation Asymmetrical One Piece I wore when we were canoeing! So gorgeous and you know how much I love prints! 

Monte and Lou Off the Grid summer 20 campaign shoot

Casey, Mona Vale

 Name: Casey James

 Location: I’m from Mona Vale on the Northern Beaches in Sydney. I’m an only child and live with my parents on the beaches! I grew up super close with my cousins, they’re kind of like my brothers. 


What does “off the grid” mean to you?

Setting up an umbrella at the beach and chilling there for a few hours. Bring the boards, perfect! Mona Beach is my local but I love surfing Avalon and Palm Beach on a longboard. I surfed a short board for years but it’s quite competitive so I’m loving my longboard at the moment. It’s so fun, you can just cruise!



 How do you spend your weekends? 

Hang out with my friends and go to the beach during Summer. Go out to dinner and of course, go to the local…The Newport! My favourite cocktail from there is the Cravado. It has Vodka, Lychee, Mint and Coconut Water! I drink beer too, I like Stone + Wood, a pale ale from Byron.


Where is your favourite place in Aus?

I’m always travelling for work, mainly in the Gold Coast. Mainly Brisbane, Burleigh so nice and warm! I love Byron and Noosa!

Casey James surfing

Favourite self care moments?
I surf quite a lot as well as going for walks, exercising and eating good food! My partner and I are heading to Byron soon after the shoot and have booked Raes as well as getting massages.
Love it!

Casey James

What do you look for in swimwear?

I like bikinis! I usually go for high waisted pants and for tops, I like anything practical because I’m running around and surfing. I like both prints and minimal, my favourite colour is light blue but I really like wearing anything. Love a little yellow bikini, love khaki on me.

Favourite pieces from the shoot?

The Wild Thing V Wire One Piece from the Plantation story. Very nice fit, great for the curves!


plantation V wire one piece summer 20 campaign

What’s your mantra for self care/ love?

Remember who you are, be yourself and know your worth. You deserve anything!