Annaliese Gann Talks Daily Routines, Self-Care + Inspirations

We spoke to body positive model Annaliese Gann on how she is spending her days during social distancing, from fitness to skincare to following inspirational people. Check out Annaliese’s go to relaxation methods, her tips on choosing swimwear and authentic Instagram accounts you need to follow.

As a model living in Perth, how has daily life shifted during this time of isolation and social distancing? 
Life has slowed down for me big time! I used to live my life running on a treadmill. I am not going out to events or photoshoots like I used to. I am spending time with family at home and learning more about them which is good. I am so intrinsically happy right now so that is great. My social media work has increased. I'm busy studying a degree online, which is so boring, however it’s a nice challenge! I'm also spending more time hiking and out in nature because the gyms are closed. 
Annaliese Gann
What have been your go to self care moments? 

I am obsessed with face masks. I do a face mask every morning whilst I'm checking my emails. I also go running a lot, between 3-5km a day and on the days I don't I change up my routine with strength workouts. If I don't exercise I am grumpy and stressed out, so it's best when I'm active. Also I'm studying at University online, so if I need a day off or two days off, I just have it off because right now I am just listening to what my mind needs. I have so much going on all the time so it is important for me to relax at the end of the day, some nights (when the pandemic first started) I was up until 3am because I was stimulated from too much screen time! Every night I put on my diffusers (I have two, one either side of my room) and fill them with lavender and peppermint oil, I can't sleep without them on, I also listen to meditation music before bed, sounds like grasshoppers and ocean waves.  

Annaliese Gann
 You are a May baby and just celebrated a birthday! Happy Birthday! How did you spend your special day?

Thank you! I turned 24 so it wasn't a big birthday, but I went to a few wineries in Margaret River and their cellar doors were open for takeaway! My family and I bought a few bottles of wine and pizza and then I had some friends over for drinks and music. We are on a farm so it was perfect. I work hard and I party hard, that's me, so I really wanted to have fun and do something even though the restrictions were in place, we still abided by the 10 person rule by the way!

 You recently were apart of our #HOLIDAYATHOME series where you discussed your favourite swim for bigger busts at Monte & Lou. What are the non-negotiable swim features you look for?

Yep and that's why I love Monte and Lou because it does give me so many features that I love! Firstly, I always look for coverage. I am a G Cup, I NEED coverage, e.g enough material to cover me and make me feel comfortable. Adjustable straps are a must. When you have massive boobs you need to be able to hoist the straps up so the boobs look perky! Underwire is a must too, because it holds you up and gives support, which is good for swimming, surfing and being active. 



In a time where we are all on our phones more, where have you found inspiration online?
I find social media can be a little vain, so I love accounts where the person is authentic and inspired to help others in what they're doing, it's really uplifting. Despite the circumstances, these Instagram accounts have inspired me to find a little sparkle in each day!

@nictrunfio - supermodel, great cook, down-to-earth and a beautiful mum.

@tallulah_moon - a body positive, self love advocate with a strong message to love your body.

@sharongrobben - body positive model in Belgium.

@moannn - model and reality TV star- she's so nice and makes an awesome cocktail on her stories!

@mrsconstancehall - love her grounded approach to life and body positivity, she makes people feel proud of who they are.

@loveintimo -  a great lingerie company, they are doing lots of at- home collabs and I LOVE their products.

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