Our Favourite Millennial Abbie Chatfield Talks Self Care + Love

Whilst Australians and the rest of the world are being urged to #stayathome, the team at Monte & Lou are focused on providing the M&L community with amazing self care info. So we brought in the big guns...We spoke to our favourite millennial Abbie Chatfield about self love post Bachelor Australia, her new podcast, what confidence means to her, as well as amazing self care moments we all need to try.
It’s been a while since Bachie S7 aired and Australia has gotten to know you for you...To sprinkle in a couple of phrases...a fabulous feminist, self-love aficionado + hilarious millennial. How has your life in the past year shaped you?
Those titles are so flattering thank you! I think the good and the bad of last year have all contributed to my confidence in myself and my views solidifying. Having people attack you for an edited version of yourself is extremely difficult, trying to compartmentalise things you did not say or do is a sure fire way to analyse your beliefs and figure out what you genuinely stand for. In contrast, once I was able to show my true self, and gain support from the public for voicing my opinions, I have confidence to voice almost every thought that comes into my mind, which has lead to my “unfiltered” Instagram account

The opportunities that have come from being outspoken and unfiltered have been incredible, having my own podcast, It’s a Lot, and also writing my own sex and dating column, Ask Abbie, are things I would have never foreseen while the show was airing. It sounds cliché, but I’m grateful for how everything played out because it gave me the opportunity to speak on things that I have been passionate about for years and create a community based on those ideals.
The first episode of your podcast It’s a lot dropped in March- congratulations! For those of us who have not had the pleasure of listening yet, tell us what your podcast is about and why this is the perfect time to listen in.
Thank you! It’s really scary having my podcast out there now, it’s been 7 episodes and people seem to be enjoying it so far. The podcast is basically a conversation you’d have with your friends over wine, smart conversations in a lighthearted manner. So far, I’ve touched on masturbation, eating disorders and even had the girls from Shameless on to talk about their success. I answer advice questions with each guest, to try to get different perspectives for my listeners. I’m trying to make it a safe space to have unfiltered and inclusive conversations about a range of topics that interest me.
In this important period of #stayathome and self isolation, why do you believe self care is integral? What are go to #selfcare moments you love and recommend? 
There are so many different ways people are practicing self care right now; exercising, skin care, watching Netflix, talking with friends, all the things! I think the most important form of self care is to try to avoid feeling guilty for your form of self care. Just find something you genuinely enjoy, even if it’s just binging all of the seasons of Real Housewives (yes, this is mine) and DO IT. Right now, I think we need to strip any shame from anything that makes us feel good.
At Monte & Lou, we design to inspire all women to embrace their individuality with confidence. What does confidence mean to you and how do you rock it in everyday life? 
Confidence is loving yourself despite what others think, and being steadfast in your views and opinions. It’s difficult as women when we are taught to be meek and insecure, to not know we’re beautiful, so to be confident in who you are is difficult. It’s important to remember that you are serving no one, particularly yourself, by lacking confidence and not owning who you are.
What are your top tips when choosing swimwear? 
Ooh, I have so many pairs of swimmers I love to just try all different styles! I feel most confident when I feel supported and sure I wont be having a nip sip, and love bold prints and colours to try to stand out from the crowd. I am OBSESSED with my Monte and Lou Free Spirit Bandeau full piece, I can wear it as a top with jeans and also rock it at the beach. 
Keep up with the Chatfield by following her on Instagram at @abbiechatfield + @itsalotpod. Listen to Abbie's next episode of Its a lot on Spotify or on Apple. What are your go-to self care moments? Tell us in the comments!